Branding Considerations

Consider the size of your logo when branding:

A big, bold logo which suits a large jacket could look strange on a small jacket. Logo sizes need to work in proportion to the uniform garment so that it doesn’t look too big or overlap other elements of the garment, such as the reflective strip on a hi-vis jacket. Our team can give you advice on the correct size of your logo.
Consider the desired visual result

Avoid seams, printing or stitching over a seam almost always looks untidy.

Don't brand your pockets, A breast pocket might seem the ideal position for an embroidered logo, but unfortunately the machine hoop/frame won’t fit inside a pocket, it would need to be placed on the inside of the garment, which would mean stitching the pocket all the way through. It is possible to place your branding on sleeves that don’t have seams.
If your workers throw on a hi-vis vest, the logo is still visible on the short/jersey sleeve. Remember the logo can't be positioned down the entire length of the sleeve because the bottom of the sleeve is too narrow.

How much will my embroidery cost?

We calculate the cost of your embroidery based on the number of stitches used. The minimum charge is $5. Background colours and the overall size are the most common cost increases. To get a price for your logo, please submit the design here ,and we will be happy to quote it for you.

What are the standard setup charges for company logos?


Typically there is a One-Off charge of $70 to digitise your logo and proof it, but this can vary on the detail of the logo and the order size. There are no additional set-up costs after the initial order.
Screen-printing & Heat-seal
The set-up costs for screen-printing and heat seal logos are dependent on the number of colours in your logo.
How long will it take?

Embroidery: 3 – 7 days from design approval.
Transfers: 3 – 7 days from design approval.
First order/ No stock: 3 - 10 days.
In-stock/ subsequent orders: 2 – 5 days.
* Use 500+ logoed garments annually? For contracted customers we may be able to hold pre-logoed garments in stock for immediate despatch upon order.

What artwork do I need to supply for setup?

It is much easier if your logo artwork is supplied in one of the following formats to get the best result – EPS. AI. PDF. 
Embroidered logos can be set-up from jpeg, bitmap files.