Uniform Management 
at your fingertips

Online PPE Management Portal

Our online Uniform Management System removes the complexity out of managing uniforms and PPE for your company and allows you to do everything in one place.

There is no need to use spreadsheets to record employee orders, spend history, or uniform requirements. The system automatically tracks budget allocations and holds pre-set clothing ranges for each team member. 

Cleanline Tasman has experienced uniform management representatives who can guide you through the system and have you ordering for your company on the very same day!

UMS Portal Advantages  

Save staff time 

Save staff time by removing the need to search for employee sizes and visit local stores for fitting

Ensure compliance 

Ensure compliance with pre-selected items approved by health and safety

Gain budget control

Gain budget control for employee uniform spend and access real-time reports

Protect your brand

Protect your companies brand image with locked down styles and logos

Get uniforms faster

Obtain branded uniforms faster to reduce downtime fitting out new employees / replacing worn out gear

Distribute uniforms faster

Distribute uniforms faster with less stress by utilising packs with employees names

Consolidate suppliers

Consolidate suppliers to reduce hidden costs & build a partnership of better service & long-term value

One platform

Access multiple branches/locations from one system with approval processes & management permissions

What our customers say

Uniform management system definitely saved me time. Probably an hour of my time per order.

Dean - Lines Company

Yes the system is great, it definitely is a time saver and fantastic that I can slot an employee into an area by copying the kits.

Rebecca - NZ Civil Company

The Uniform System that we use makes our ordering process faster as I don’t have to constantly check for correct sizes and figure out what they ordered last time. It also means we can set a budget for each employee and know at any time how much they have spent and on what products.

Mark - NZ Packaging Company

Looks very good. In the past we have purchased all over the place and adhoc. Good to have one supplier, whilst it may be slightly more in price the savings will be in efficiencies through not time wasting . eg staff member driving off to shop to get his boots.

Joe - HG Group

Better control over the kit options depending on the staff requirement and the online ordering that can be accessed and used by the staff directly

Steve - Building Maintenance NZ

Convinced UMS will help?