Our journey to a 

Sustainable Future 

Our Journey

Cleanline Tasman is on a journey of positive change. 

We are constantly working to improve on our entire eco-system to make sure we are doing our best when it comes to sustainability and environmental innovation opportunities.

We consider sustainability to encompass both the environmental aspects around us, and also making the right ethical decisions that effect people both internally and externally to our business. We have implemented a strategy to make sure that we are consistently improving in both aspects. As Howard Zin would say- small acts can transform the world, and it all starts here right now.

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn

Our Sustainable Vision


Actively decrease waste to landfill. Increase product life cycle to deliver well-being to both people and the planet. Commit to on-going improvement in our practices to promote a sustainable culture for our future generations.


Continue to support a positive, inclusive and encouraging workplace culture. Truly value all of our stakeholders and insist on fair pay and a healthy work-life balance. Insist on a sustainable and ethical supply chain from our suppliers.

Our progress

We are on a journey of becoming a more sustainably conscious organisation. 

We believe it is important to share our progress so not only we live the change, but encourage the change in others also. 

With both environmental and social practices to consider, we have made short-term and long-term goals that will shape the future of Cleanline Tasman as a sustainably minded business. 

Read on to see our progress so far. 

Sustainable Workwear

Our product range is very diverse, and we are constantly working on incorporating many sustainable products into our range. 

Some of the amazing products that we provide include: Workwear made from Lyocell (Wood Pulp), and garments made from Lyocell /Cotton hybrid materials. We also have various items with an entirely recycled plastic composition derived from plastic bottles. 

By incorporating these sustainable products into our range, we are reducing"> waste going to landfill and giving PPE products another life after use. 

We encourage the utilisation of these options to our customers who we know value sustainability as much as we do.

End of life Uniform Recycling

Textile garments are one of New Zealand's largest streams of waste, with nearly 300,000 tonnes of textile material going into landfill every single year. 

Being a large uniform distributor who deals with textile garments everyday, we have taken on an initiative to reduce this waste by encouraging customers to utilise our PPE recycling program. 

This consists of dedicated collection of PPE / Uniform items once the standard end-of-life is reached. This will follow onto repurposing of fabrics and plastics into new items such as cotton filling, insulation and even construction materials. 

Our goal is to redirect 80% of garments from landfill to a 2nd lifecycle by 2025.



Quality Assurance

Our global audit partners constantly audit our supply chain. 

This allows us to ensure we are sourcing products that meet local and international standards of ethics and sustainability.

Their huge global presence allows them to scrutinise our suppliers to ensure quality, environmental, and ethical sustainability. This includes inspecting not only just the factories and their practices, but also the product, from raw fabric composition, right through to finished merchandise. 

Our commitment is to design and supply products and solutions that not only meet the required standards but exceed them to ensure maximum end user value and satisfaction.