Research & Development and
Bespoke Product Design

Taking innovation to the next level

We understand that most PPE and Workwear may meet the required safety standards however in a number of instances they don't hit the mark when it comes to comfort, functionality, and quality. 

As a company that values long term partnerships we decided that we needed to do more. The work of our research and development team has led to groundbreaking product innovations, and the development of our very own brand, Mustang Wear.

We listen to your team's frustrations and take these onboard when developing our products. Our team does extensive research so that we can come up with solutions, sometimes before you've even heard about the pains. With innovation being at the forefront over the past years our brand has flourished, this has resulted in many of our partnerships using the Mustang Wear brand. 

Being a workwear and PPE partner for over 40 years we have built solid partnerships with many businesses that have hugely contributed to this success.


We design & source bespoke PPE that is directly relevant to your specific needs.
Our experienced team can guide you through this rewarding process. 

Product Development Projects

We have a capable in-house design team that will work with you on anything from: Bespoke Uniforms, Rainwear, and PPE, to Footwear, Workwear and Fire Retardant Clothing. 
Here are some projects that we have worked on in conjunction with our customers:

The Challenge - Team members finding their pants very restrictive when working at heights or in trenches, or getting into vehicles.

Our Solution - We designed cotton pants with a stretch component in the fabric and reinforced seams in all the main stress areas. This innovation means that the pants are perfect for staff who need extra flexibility and freedom of movement. The design also encompasses our segmented hi visibility tape allowing for added movement and breathability.

Designed for - Civil Construction, Rigging & Scaffolding, Traffic Control, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing, General Industry 


The Challenge - Teams finding hi vis tape too restrictive around the belly area and hard to get garments on and off. Complaints about polo fabrics being too hot and smelly to wear.

Our Solution - Ultra lightweight moisture wicking sports fabric polo for supreme breathability and coolness against skin. Segmented hi visibility tape for stretch and comfort and reduction of sun glare

Designed for Transport & Logistics, Machinery Operators, Civil Construction (TTMC-W version), Traffic Control (TTMC-W version), Construction, Manufacturing

The Challenge - Team members working in all day sun or very hot conditions and suffering from heat stress symptoms.

Our Solution - Lightweight ripstop 100% cotton fabric with integrated active cooling treatment which activates when coming in contact with moisture (sweat). This has been tested and proven to reduce its temperature by up to 5°C. We have added extensive ventilation in all high heat areas, including under arm venting, full vertical venting up the back, as well as horizontally across the back of the garment.

Designed for - Civil Construction, Mining, Traffic Control, Construction, Rigging & Scaffolding


The Challenge - Wearers that require a mask be worn with safety specs find that their glasses are fogging up causing a number of safety compliance issues. 

Our Solution -  We developed lightweight eyewear that has a premium quality anti-fog & anti-scratch lens, is comfortable to wear with soft rubberised nose bridges, and is soft on the temples to wear.

Designed for - Civil Construction, Rigging & Scaffolding, Traffic Control, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing, General Industry


The Challenge - Drivers and operators getting sore feet and Achilles heel pain.

Our Solution To combat foot fatigue, we developed a boot with Poron inserts in both the heel and ball of the foot, as well as a cutout in the sole underneath the heel. This is able to provide good shock absorption for drivers getting in and out of vehicles. We combined this with a shock absorbing insole to ensure ongoing comfort. The boot features a scalloped cutout at the back of the boot to allow freedom of movement in the Achilles area, thus preventing the pain caused by operating on the pedals while driving for long periods of time.

Designed for Transport & Logistics Drivers, Machinery Operators, Civil Construction, Mining, Traffic Control, Construction, Manufacturing