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Welcome to CleanlineTasman, a leading supplier of quality workwear and PPE designed to protect your people - and last the distance.

Our Story

Cleanline Tasman offers a streamlined automated online ordering system, in-house branding for uniforms, and individual pre-packing of workwear and PPE for efficient distribution to your teams.


Our story starts in 1991 with the founding of Cleanline Distributors in New Zealand. Launching as a supplier of products and expertise to the automotive and cleaning industries, we later expand into workwear, footwear and PPE.


We acquire Tasman Workwear & Safety. The Tasman clothing brand was first started by Walter Broomhall in 1976 as a small family business servicing New Zealand’s farmers from the back of vans. Walter successfully grew the brand through the systems he developed, which placed quality first. We have continued this culture, developing systems that keep product quality high and pricing fair.


We consolidate the two companies and rebrand to Cleanline Tasman. It takes two years of hard work to merge the staff and systems of both companies, but we successfully create a smooth operation running from one central location.


Since then our single focus has been helping companies get world-class work apparel and personal protective equipment (“PPE”) to their people on time and on budget regardless of where they are. Today from our central distribution in Taranaki, we maintain a national infrastructure that predominantly serves and supports medium to large companies, offering in-house uniform branding, onsite uniform fitting, individual staff pre-packing and streamlined workwear uniform procurement software.


Our mission is to deliver excellent service and customer experience at every touchpoint. We're always looking for ways to streamline our processes and make improvements that result in more efficiency and greater savings for our customers.

Communication is important to us, and we have a commitment to talk to each other and our customers and suppliers openly and honestly. We truly value our customers, and our success is built on maintaining close relationships based on transparency and trust.

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